Quick apology

I wanted to say sorry to the few of you who haven’t seen their confession yet this week. You see I’m currently staying in New Orleans and a lot of my income at the moment is coming from working as an extra in some films that are being shot down here. Earlier this week I got a last minute email asking me to do a bunch of night shoots for a football movie. So I’ve been going to work at 6 pm and leaving at 6 am. Between sleeping and rushing to get ready each day this week I have not been able to post your confessions, but please look out for them later today.

I think Tara and Ronin have an amazing relationship, but I can somehow never think of them being anything other than friends. I love how cute and flirty they are, especially how comfortable they are around each other, and I get that they care about each other deeply, but in my mind that emotion is simply just the best kind of friendship anybody could possibly ask for, and nothing more.

I feel like a jerk for admitting this, but it honestly bothers me a great deal when people call the Boggans “cute” or “adorable”. In my opinion, they’re supposed to represent decay and death, just as Tara and the Leafmen are to represent growth and life. When people start sympathizing with them because of one relationship (the father/son dynamic), it bothers me that they’re overlooking how the Boggans are completely overthrowing the natural balance of things. There’s nothing “cute” about it.

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